Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

CA provides sophisticated consultancy through a combination of expertise, a deep understanding of the market and a high capacity to deal with the specificities of local legislation that can have a significant impact on the business.

A team with a strong academic culture.

The strong academic culture of our team allows CA to be regularly hired by large public and private stakeholders (domestic and foreign) in industries including information technology, banking regulation, telecommunications, logistics and health services. Find out more about how we can help your business.

Litigation and Arbitration

All CA Lawyers are qualified not only to provide advice to the Client, but also to represent them as attorneys before State courts and arbitral tribunals, in disputes related to their areas of practice.

We provide assistance in disputes, both in the judicial jurisdiction (from district courts to the Supreme Court) and in the arbitration jurisdiction, as well as in other means of alternative dispute resolution.

Associate lawyers: Gil Cambule, Edson Gulele, Elton Dimbana.

Banking and Finance

We support both the public and private sectors in regulatory and investment matters that are relevant to banking and finance, by assisting with business establishment and development, as well as in disputes.

Associate lawyers: Bergentino Américo, Deyse Nuvunga.

Data Protection

We provide assistance in complying with regulations and in designing internal policies on personal data protection across all sectors of activity, and we train Data Protection Officers.

Associate lawyers: Gil Cambule, Thaís Gomes.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

We assist the Client in all matters related to the intersection between Law and Technology (FinTech, InsurTech, cryptocurrencies, civil liability on the Internet, IoT, cybersecurity, among others).

Associate lawyers: Gil Cambule, Thaís Gomes.

Regulation and Competition

We advise on regulatory matters and represent Clients before the Competition Regulatory Authority, as well as before courts in judicial disputes on the same matters.

Economic and Financial Crime

We provide assistance in major cases of economic and financial crime. We also act in cases against online economic fraud.

Associate lawyers: Edson Gulele, Elton Dimbana.

Energy and Natural Resources

We assist in investment projects on energy and natural resources (namely oil and gas).


We provide assistance in Tax Law matters, by supporting the Client before tax authorities and representing the Client in disputes in court, namely before the Tax Enforcement Court.

Associate lawyers: Hélder Miguel, Elton Dimbana.

Commercial and Corporate

We support companies and all legal entities from the incorporation process, and we are their daily partner at all levels of business activity.

Foreign Investment and Exchange Control

We provide assistance in all aspects related to foreign investment from the preparation of submissions to APIEX to the procedures to repatriate funds abroad.

Associate lawyers: Bergentino Américo, Hélder Miguel.

Intellectual Property

We protect our Clients’ intangible assets by assisting them in the preparation of all submissions to the Institute of Industrial Property and defending their interests in related disputes before the Administrative Courts.

Labour and Migration Law

We provide assistance in matters of employment and labour discipline, social security, foreign labour admission, as well as in all types of disputes arising from labour relations.

Associate lawyers: Edson Gulele, Elton Dimbana.

Real Estate

We provide assistance in matters of real estate investment, we support the procurement in the context of large real estate projects and commercial premises, and we assist the Client in judicial and arbitration disputes in the real estate sector.

Associate lawyers: Bergentino Américo, Edson Gulele.

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